Why do we need to protect the ocean?

Because it sustains us, we must protect the ocean.

Thousands of communities around the world rely on the ocean for food.

You might not eat fish. You might have access to a supermarket, a variety of fruit and vegetables, but not everyone does. However, commercial and illegal overfishing, and the mismanagement of fishing stocks all put the future livelihood of thousands at risk.

Ocean plankton produces most of the oxygen we breathe.The ocean also absorbs a lot of the CO2 in the atmosphere. However, with human activities leading to rising CO2 levels, this means that the ocean is getting more acidic.

An increase in carbon dioxide in the ocean leads to ocean acidification, which can dissolve the calcium carbonate that makes up mussel shells and coral skeletons, and interrupt processes like fish breathing.

So you see, everything is connected.

There is a petition to demand that 30% of the oceans and 30% of land is protected from development.

To me, this seems like a very low number. To me, it should be more.However, knowing that the mining of seabed is already happening, we need to take action in some way.

Will you sign the petition with me?