A yoga mat made from wetsuits?!

In 2016, I wrote about a yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits in an article about sustainable Christmas presents: the Suga Yoga mat.

At the beginning of 2018, I bought the C2G mat for my partner (C2G means Cradle to Grave). I LOVED the concept behind it, and since I’ve used quite a few wetsuits in my life, I couldn’t think of another mat that aligned more with my values. The C2G mat is more expensive because it comes with a lifetime guarantee. That means that if it breaks, you can send it to be repaired. This is the kind of circular economy I believe we should all support.

The packaging was perfect: a simple cardboard box with no plastic.

I am not the kind of person to recommend a brand-new product. I prefer telling people about things I have tried and about which I can say “It’s good and durable”. Two years down the line, the mat is still 100% intact, and my partner still LOVES it. He uses it almost every day. The mat is very sturdy and offers great grip – unlike the cheaper mats you find on the market. We’ve used it inside and outside, including as a ground mat when camping. The thickness hasn’t changed at all since we received it. It’s still a sturdy 5 mm.

If you’re in the market for a yoga mat, because yours is too thin, worn out, torn or slippery beyond washing, I highly recommend the Suga!

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