The Most Dangerous Ways to School

I recently came across a documentary series on YouTube that follows the lengths children around the world go to in order to get to school.

It is a powerful reminder that education is a privilege. Many kids either can’t afford to go to school, or they are needed to work at home instead of getting an education. In some cases, school is just too far away or too dangerous to get to.

The bravery of the kids and the sacrifices made by the parents are truly inspiring.

I invite you to watch something real and positive – you will not be left untouched!

Which episode is your favorite The Most Dangerous Ways to School?

I enjoyed them all, but my favourite was the episode on Ethiopia.

Head over to the africanstorybook page to download the Amharic version of  “Wayan and the Turtle King” for free. Thank you to Mezemir Girma for translating the book.


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