The Future of the Fishing Industry

What does the future hold for the fishing industry?

It is always high on everyone ‘s list when there are negotiations, from the UK to South Korea.

There are no globally enforced standards.

In some countries, the fishing boats are small and they work within government-set quotas.

Many countries have giant ships with miles-long nets that clear out the ocean in a blink of an eye.

Some countries (China) are plundering the seas without any other country batting an eyelid. They go beyond their borders, to the other side of the world. Fishing outside of Marine Protected Areas. Operating ships under the flag of poor African nations. This is not a new story.

Ghost nets and by-catch are only half the story.

Slavery and illicit drug trafficking… no one talks about this.

So what will we do once the ocean is empty?

What can YOU do to protect the ocean for the future?

How do we make people understand that biodiversity tops profit?

I do my best in the classroom, but I am under no illusion about my minuscule part in the whole.

I need other teachers, parents, aunties and uncles to get on board and start taking this stuff seriously.

Consume like your children’s future depend on it. Because it does.

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