The complex truth behind your purchase


Everything you buy has a story. Someone designed it, someone made it, someone sold it, someone dismantled it or buried it.

The truth is that many of the products sold in the West, consumed like it has no value, has left an environmental stain on its original birthplace.



Let’s take clothing. H&M, M&S, and Zara (to name but a few), is connected to the devastating pollution of the Citarum River in Indonesia. Fast fashion comes with an incredibly high price.

There are environmental regulations in Indonesia, but they are very rarely enforced due to corruption.



Everyone always likes citing China as the world’s biggest polluter. The fact is, they have born the brunt of Western consumerism for far too long.

This article gives a sobering glimpse into the lives of those most affected by pollution caused by industrial pollution.


Apple, Dell, Microsoft, and Google were just implicated in a lawsuit brought against a mining company in the UK because of the deaths of children working as modern day slaves, collecting cobalt for lithium-ion batteries.

Why is it OK for these kids to work as slaves while yours play on an iPad? It’s NOT.


Online retailers

Amazon is the biggest online retailer. Jeff Bezos is  the richest man in the world. Why?

Tax evasion

Well, for starters, Amazon doesn’t pay tax. You and I do, but they actually get rebates instead of paying tax. Even if he’s donating $10 billion to tackle climate change… that’s just another tax evasion move.


Workers’ rights

Also, they treat their workers like they treat the environment… like disposable, cheap trash.




This video shows what happens to the disregarded electronic gadgets exported from the West to Ghana.


Like Trevor Noah says…

If you don’t know, now you know.

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