Take Action Friday

In order to effectively address the plastic tide, we need to consider it from all angles: prevention, education, the 5 Rs (reduce, refuse,  reuse, repurpose and recycle) and action.

Actions include beach/ river cleans, as well as taking steps as a citizen and consumer to ask for change from your government or favourite shops.

Today, I would like to ask you to choose an action that you can commit to and take action on.

Here is a wonderful letter template that you can use to write to a shop about their over-use of plastic packaging. Tell them what you want to see as a consumer who loves the ocean and marine life. Tell them that you don’t want or need all that packaging.

The letter is in French, but you can view it in any language by using Google Translate, and then simply copy and paste and customize the details as you need to.

Can you take ten minutes today to take action for our blue planet?

Remember that you can find more resources and lesson plans on my website.