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This is such an insightful, important, and true article that I wish to share it with you. NPR This is why we need to drastically cut our usage of plastic.

How long do you keep your clothes?

“The average lifetime for a garment of clothing is estimated as ~2.2 years in the UK.” www.wrap.org.uk As part of Oxfam’s Secondhand September, I’m looking into how it is possible to cut our fashion waste Is this true for you? How do you decide that a clothing item has had its day? – is it …

Secondhand September

According to Oxfam, 13 million pieces of clothing is sent to landfill every year.¬†And that’s JUST the UK. How can we reduce our fashion footprint? For starters, we can: – wear what we have – fix what we have – do clothes swaps with friends – buy second-hand clothing. Over the next few days, I’ll …


Let’s recap what we learnt about this month. Well done on completing Plastic-free July. If you need some words of encouragement, here you go! Remember to check out the other tips on my blog.