Protect what you love

How do we fix the broken connection between modern day humans and nature?

People know more about the Kardashians than they do about what’s actually happening in the environment.

We can say that people need more education.

We can say that if people know more about a subject, if they love it they will protect it.

But I don’t think it’s that simple.

Most people love David Attenborough documentaries.

Most people claim to love dolphins, whales and turtles…the just love eating sushi more?

Most people love monkeys and apes, but they just love Pringles and Nutella more?

Most people love animals, but they just love eating them more?

“I don’t have time to care.
I won’t make a difference.
I don’t have money to donate.”

= I don’t want to care/ change/ help.

We have more opportunities than ever to be educated on environmental topics and the true state of things: overfishing, bycatch, deforestation, habitat loss, cruelty to farm animals, the abhorrent conditions of factory farming.

Maybe it’s time to stop saying “We protect what we love” unless we are genuinely working towards achieving that goal of protection.

Maybe we can replace that with a quote that’s closer to the truth: “Today, WE are the asteroid”.




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