Plastic: call to action!

It’s time for the Wednesday call to action! Our planet is facing serious environmental challenges brought about by consumerism, plastic pollution and the lack of regulation of global corporations.

There are many causes to choose and support. However, most people find it easier to do nothing than to take the time to fight for what they believe it. Complacency will get us nowhere. In fact, it will leave us with a planet stripped of natural resources and beauty. Speaking for myself, I cannot imagine just sitting around and watching species go extinct while the petrochemical and mining companies stuff their pockets with cash.

Some of the issues our world is facing right now include:

  1. plastic pollution (there is a lot of talk, but little concrete action)
  2. deforestation
  3. undersea and mountaintop removal mining
  4. oil drilling & fracking
  5. air pollution
  6. climate change caused by carbon emissions


Our governments are not acting fast enough. They are not acting in the interest of their people OR the planet. They only act in the interests of big corporations. As citizens, we have to support campaigns by adding our voices and funds if we can. We can also write to our local MPs (local government representatives), protest and implement local community initiatives to bring about the changes we seek.

Below, you will find links to pages to environmental organisations that are doing great work on behalf of us who are too busy being stuck behind a desk. You can always find time to support a campaign. Choose your favourite petition, sign and donate if you can.

South Africa:




Stop Adani




Save the Vaquita Porpoise

New Zealand:

Maui and Hector’s dolphins

The USA:


The Story of Stuff

Sea Legacy

The UK:


Global initiatives: 

The Dolphin Project

Sea Shepherd

My petition:

You can also support my initiative to ask PADI to stop issuing plastic c-cards. Many people have questioned why I’ve chosen THIS particular issue. Well, since my background is scuba and freediving, I’ve seen the PADI system as well as SSI, AIDA, DAN and RAID. PADI issues over a million certifications every year. They contribute to the plastic problem not only by c-cards but also by superfluous packaging on their products. Despite PADI’s claims to care about the environment with Project Aware initiatives, their  CSR project plasters over the fact that they have a very large environmental impact. SSI, RAID and AIDA provide digital cards which means there is less plastic being produced. Do they also have changed to make? YES! Should they do an internal audit of sustainable practices too? YES!

We have to set higher expectations of the dive schools and dive equipment manufacturers that we support. Indeed, hey should be leading the way in using ocean plastic and recycled ghost fishing nets etc. to make their products.

My petition is a small step in the right direction. If nothing else, it opens the debate about what we are willing to let companies get away with or not.

Please sign my petition if you agree that ANY reduction in plastic is good, especially if another proven way exists.

Remember that you can find lesson plans and ideas on my website too.