New FREE online course on Marine Litter

An online course on the topic of Marine Litter is launching soon, thanks to the Open University of the Netherlands, in conjunction with the UN Environment Programme.

Launching on October 26th 2020, it will be available in 10 languages. Best of all, it’s FREE.

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a part of the Clean Seas Campaign’s education initiative, in conjunction with the UN and the OU.

According to the OU:

The Leadership Track is 10 hours of learning (over a course of 2 weeks) introducing the student to the basic characteristics and concepts of the marine litter issue and various strategies to prevent and reduce marine litter. The course is offered in Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai. This track consists of 2 blocks geared towards policymakers, managers and professionals who require an overview of the topic in order to integrate the concepts of the MOOC into their professions. Students are encouraged to complete this track whether or not they are an official leader.

In addition, there will be another course available:

Those students who wish to remain in the course will continue to the Expert Track (total of 8 weeks). The Expert Track: 30 additional hours consisting of 6 blocks (of which the student will follow at least 4) and a final assignment for professionals and students who want to acquire more in-depth knowledge, insights and skills relating to prevention of marine litter. Students undertaking the Expert Track must also complete the Leadership Track for a total of 40 hours of instruction. This course is available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

This is wonderful news and I will definitely be signing up.

Thank you to those who crafted the course for the benefit of all. My only wish would be to see it translated into more languages in the future.