Learn about the team behind Wayan and the Turtle King. Every person involved has a passion for education and the environment. This project is the manifestation of “No man is an island”.  Thank you for helping me bring this ecobook to children all across the world.

The Author

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans – Author - Yvette Bezuidenhout

Yvette Bezuidenhout
Author of Wayan and the Turtle King

As a scuba diver and freediver, the marine environment has always been very important to me. I volunteered for Coral Cay Conservation in 2003 where I learnt about reef research methods.

I’ve been teaching ESL since 2013. As I worked and lived in South Korea, China and Indonesia I noticed that there was lack of literature on environmental education. As a result, I brought my passion for the ocean and conservation issues into the classroom. This way, I can teach kids English skills as well as environmental awareness.

In 2015, I ran a plastic awareness educational campaign at elementary and middle schools in Bandung, Indonesia, which culminated in a poster design competition sponsored by Balinese companies (Bali Buda and Indosole). I wrote Wayan and the Turtle King just before leaving Indonesia and subsequently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017. The money from the Kickstarter enabled me to print and distribute Wayan and the Turtle King to reading and environmental NGOs in Indonesia.

My journalism experience includes writing articles for deeperblue.com , Gililife magazine, and Our Times newspaper (1997), as well as reading the news and hosting a morning show on Rhodes Music Radio (1996-1997).

The Illustrator

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Illustrator - Fabianus Bayu

Fabianus Bayu
Illustrator of Wayan and the Turtle King

Fabianus Bayu is an Indonesian graphic designer and eco-influencer from Surabaya, Java.

Fabi and I have never met in person. I stumbled across his beautiful eco-conscious cartoons on Instagram while living in Indonesia. I approached him to donate some prizes to the poster competition I ran at Taruna Bakti in Bandung. I always hoped that we could work together and he was the first person who sprang to mind when I completed writing Wayan and the Turtle King. We eventually met via Skype and I was so pleased to finally put a face to a name. Fabi was named as one of the top 5 Indonesian influencers for the Cerita Dari Hutan (Story of Forests) campaign in Indonesia.

Also known as Shirohyde (@shirohyde), he can be contacted via Instragram or Linkedin.

The Translators

Indonesian version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans – Translator - Ratna Kamala

Ratna Kemala
Translator of Wayan Dan Raja Penyu

Ratna and I worked together at TBI in Bandung.

Here is Ratna in her own words:
I have more than 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry and 8 years in English language education in operational and managerial areas. In 2016, I resigned from my full time job and decided to work part-time as a translator/interpreter. That way, I could balance my personal and professional life much better and still do the jobs that I enjoy the most. To further enhance my ability in these fields, I took an online translation course and joined some interpreting workshops. Since then, I have done translation and consecutive interpreting projects in a variety of subjects, such as beauty products, IT advertising, children books, environmental issues in green growth development programmes, education, and sports development evaluation programmes using harvest outcome method.

If you need my assistance in translating, interpreting, audio and/or video transcription (Indonesian and English), please contact me at [email protected]

isiZulu version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Translator - Mpho Dlamini

Mpho Dlamini
Translator of UWayan Nenkosi Yofudu

After completing her BA in Linguistics and French, Mpho has worked as a researcher, freelance translator and transcriber (IsiZulu, English and French), home-school teacher and tutor. She can be contacted at [email protected]

Mandarin version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Translator - Wendy Lai

Wendy Lai
Translator of 韋恩與烏龜國王

Yvette and Wendy met in Taiwan where they both worked at an English camp in 2016. Wendy studied International Business as part of her bachelor’s in business degree and graduated in 2018.

She is known for her audacious attitude towards hard work and self-improvement. She has worked as a translator, English tutor and has a wealth of global work experience under her belt. In 2015, she took part in a Bangladeshi volunteer project, where she taught local students English. She has interned at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taipei and visited Switzerland in 2017 as part of a delegation visiting NGOs and social enterprises. You can contact Wendy by email at [email protected]

French version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Translator - Jerome Hulin

Jerome Hulin
Translator of Wayan Et Le Roi Tortue

Jérôme and Yvette met while freediving in the Philippines in 2015. He is a trained computer programmer but prefers spending his time underwater. Jérôme comes from a family of teachers, loves teaching scuba and freediving and can play a mean piano.

Spanish version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Translator - Diana García Benito

Diana García Benito
Translator of Wayan y El Rey De Las Tortugas

Yvette and Diana met while living and freediving in Indonesia back in 2016. Diana is an Ocean lover, Oceanographer, Submersible Pilot, Freediving Instructor, Yoga Instructor and Marine Conservationist.

She believes sharing knowledge, information and her special and unique connection to the ocean can get people to understand the importance of caring and protecting it, as we know very little about it.

You can follow Diana’s work on DeepChange Project (https://www.deepchangeproject.org) and her social media page @dianagarciabenito / @deepchangeproject.

Japanese version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Children's book about plastic oceans - Translator - Yuki Terado

Yuki Terado
Translator of Wayan to kame no ōsama

Yuki has been a scuba-diver since the age of 12. Her love of the ocean took her on a freediving journey to the Philippines, where she met Yvette for the first time in 2015.

Yuki is an architect from Tokyo, who finished her Diploma at the AA in London in 2020.

Alongside her studies, she has been exploring the ocean and working as a divemaster, most notably in Bali, Indonesia in 2019.

Malagasy version

Wayan and the Turtle King - Translator - Aina Harvel-Randrenjatovo

Aina Harvel-Randrenjatovo
Translator of Wayan sy ilay Mpanjaka Sokatra


Aina works as a hotel and restaurant manager in Madagascar. Throughout the years, her mission has evolved more and more towards improving sustainability in the hospitality and catering industry. She lived mostly in urban areas until 2019, when she moved to a remote seaside village to make her son discover new, different environments.
“He was around 7 years old when I first read “Wayan and the Turtle King” to him and we both enjoyed it a lot”, Aina explained.
Even though we met through Boky Mamiko, an  association supporting the education of children in rural areas, I look forward to meeting Aina in person one day.