How long do you keep your clothes?

“The average lifetime for a garment of clothing is estimated as ~2.2 years in the UK.”

As part of Oxfam’s Secondhand September, I’m looking into how it is possible to cut our fashion waste

Is this true for you?

How do you decide that a clothing item has had its day?

– is it broken?
-is it out of fashion?
– did you buy it at a sale and realized it didn’t fit afterwards?
– did you gain/lose weight?
– has it lost its colour or shape?

What can we do to change this crazy statistic?

Can you:
– fix it?
– stop buying clothes during sales? (Cos let’s face it, there’s a sale every day somewhere on the planet…)
– tailor/adjust the item with your sewing machine?
– choose more classic styles that don’t go out of fashion?
– can you buy from a shop that charges more but offers t-shirts that don’t fall apart after the first wash?
– wear what you have if it fits?

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