Getting ready for Plastic-free July

In July, I’ll be posting a daily tip on Instagram to help you move away from single-use plastic in your life.

Of course, different countries have different plastic usage problems. Usage patterns vary. I will be taking this into consideration when posting tips.

The Goal behind Plastic-free July

The idea is not for you to feel about about yourself, or to be guilt-tripped in any way. The idea is to be empowered by solutions that can work for your lifestyle. I want to enable you to live a more sustainable life.

The Four Groups

I will be giving  advice to the following groups:


This will be your first attempt at #plasticfreejuly. You are a total beginner.


You could be a beginner or slightly experienced at avoiding plastic. You like making your own things from what you have. You have some time and some money to play around with.


You could be a beginner or slightly experienced at avoiding plastic. You have more time than money. You need cost-effective, efficient solutions.


You could be a beginner or experienced at avoiding plastic. You have no limitations when it comes to money, but you may not have time (or the inclination) to make your own.

You may find that you fall into one or more of the groups. That’s OK. I just want you to choose the solution that fits best into your life.

The take-away

During this challenge, I want you to:

  1. Try your best.
  2. Document what you do.
  3. Write down what worked or didn’t work for you.
  4. Let go of your brand loyalties for a month and try new things.
  5. Be kind to yourself in this learning journey.

I hope that you will join me for #plasticfreejuly. You can get a head start by looking at this wonderful website.

I believe that if we all start with one thing, we can make a big difference.