e-Waste & built-in obsolescence

We live in an age where everything is disposable, but what happens to our e-waste? These days, nothing is built to last – in fact, the opposite is true. Obsolescence is now part of product design. THIS needs to change. ASAP.

The video above is about America’s exports to China, but there are many about the EU. Did you know that Europeans produce more than 16 kilograms of electrical waste per person every year? About half of that junk is due to broken household appliances!

Guiyu supposedly changed the way they deal with e-waste, but do we have the full picture?

In many countries, the right to repair is illegal! You could go to JAIL for fixing a phone, TV, or blender!?!

Luckily, things are slowly starting to change. This summer, the Right to Repair will come into efffect in the UK and the EU. This means that manufacturers will have to suply a repair manual with it products and products have to be repaireable with conventional tools, instead of specialized equipment. Producers also have to make spare parts available for sale for up to 10 years.

Why is it important? Because the health consequences to those dealing with our e-waste is simply unacceptable.

What do you think? Do appliances need to be repairable beyond 10 years? Should the export of e-waste be allowed?

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