Buy Nothing Day/ Black Friday

In the run-up to Black Friday, we will see more advertising on TV, the internet, social media, and even newspapers.

When is s a good deal not really a good deal? When it kills the planet, as is the case with consumerism and the endless cycle of buying and discarding.

The guys at The Story of Stuff just released a Buy Nothing Day Pledge, which I would like to share with you.

By signing up, you are committing to at least 3 of the following pledges:

  • I pledge to borrow, rent, or buy used before buying new.
  • I pledge to support small and locally owned businesses over retail monopolies like Amazon.
  • I pledge to watch and share videos that educate people about the effects of overconsumption.
  • I pledge to host a virtual screening of meaningful and educational documentaries.
  • I pledge to donate to a nonprofit organization or charity.
  • I pledge to give back to my community through remote volunteering opportunities.
  • I pledge to get involved in local and/or national environmental and social justice campaigns.
  • I pledge to educate my friends and family about Buy Nothing Day.

Follow the link to sign.

Please feel free to read my thoughts on Buy Nothing Day elsewhere on the blog.