Toothbrush update

In May 2020, my partner and I changed over to bamboo toothbrushes after using our previous plastic ones for two years. I did a blog post about it earlier this year.

I have never changed toothbrush every six months.  Most people outside out the USA probably keep their toothbrushes until the bristles are bent (for good or bad). Personally, I don’t want to throw away a toothbrush every six months, bamboo or not! Having said that, I firmly believe that dental health is key, as it can affect the rest of your body from heart to sinus health. I try to limit the sugar in my diet and try to keep my diet on the alkaline side. 

At the time, I bought the Humble Co. toothbrush and my partner opted for the French-made  La Dubois bioseptyl toothbrush. We may have different brushing styles, but after a few weeks, his toothbrush started losing bristles.  While he was brushing…That’s not cool! Particularly since it cost around €5!

Six months later…

Fast forward to November, six months later and time for an update on how these two brushes have held up.

The Humble still looks good and hasn’t lost any bristles. The Bioseptyl on the other hand… Yikes! It looks like a half-plucked chicken! It literally lost half of its bristles in six months. That’s extreme, even if my partner’s brushing style may have contributed to the bent bristles.

I implore companies to release high quality bamboo products into the marketplace, otherwise people will turn their backs on sustainable options. For a product that costs four times more than the standard plastic one, the customer has high expectations with regards to quality. Remember that big players like Colgate and Signal are also jumping on the bamboo bandwagon, and their prices will be lower than smaller companies.

So, if you DO offer a product, you really need to put your best foot forward. Not simply for the client, but for the actual reason behind the creation of your product: sustainability and saving the earth from plastic pollution.

(The black gunk is left-overs from Lush’s BOOM! black charcoal toothy tabs- fizzy but awful tasting unless you add some mint drops!)

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